Of all the challenges facing L&D today, learner engagement is one of the most difficult to resolve. Time, relevance, stakeholder buy-in – there are a number of obstacles to overcome.

And as the workforce becomes increasingly diverse, composed of up to five different generations, engagement isn’t about to become any easier.

What people want to learn and how, when and where they prefer to do it will be completely different across these groups.

But, as big a challenge as this may appear, it’s far from insurmountable.

That’s why we’ve put together a brand new guide to learner engagement.

Use it to: 

  • Understand why low learner engagement is still such a challenge
  • Uncover the most common barriers to learner engagement
  • Identify signs of low learner engagement
  • Segment your employees into engagement-based groups
  • See how your solutions affect engagement
  • Discover how to map engagement in your organisation
  • Understand what you need to do now