L W Your B S O (for live webinar).jpgThe sneaky phenomenon sabotaging your ability to lead.

As leaders, do we fully appreciate how tiny differences in our behaviour can have significant effects on the teams we lead?

Understanding why we act the way we do is crucial to harnessing the profound positive and negative impacts our actions can have on morale, engagement and trust.

This leadership training webinar will explore:

  • "Trust" – How trust issues impair creative insight, analytical thought and problem solving, and how to remedy this
  • "“Control" – How to avoid the consequences of offering no perceived choice
  • "The Sneaky Saboteur" – How to identify the phenomenon that’s sabotaging your efforts to lead people

Download our webinar to examine the latest neuroscience behind demystifying leadership behaviour; and how your actions, however small, can have a huge impact on the performance of your team.